We agree to the Code of Conduct: Location & Privacy

 We officially signed the Code of Conduct: Location & Privacy. We fully commit to follow additional requirements besides the German legal data protection regulations. Nowadays data security is an important issue in almost every sector.

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Beaconinside is leader in proximity platforms

The  Unacast Proximity Report appoints us as the European leader in proximity platforms

The Proximity.Direcotry Report, which is provided by Unacast lists Beaconinside on second place in the worldwide listing of proximity platforms.

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New Features - Proximity DMP - May 2017

Get to know all the new features of the Proximity DMP released this May 2017

This May we released many new features enhancing the functionalities of the Proximity DMP

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Shoplink - Mobile shoppers today don’t just want to collect rewards

Shoplink is creating a holistic shopping experience for their app users based on the Beaconinside Proximity Platform

End of last year shopkick announced the strategic decision to leave the German market. With that decision it is leaving a gap in the fast growing market for proximity marketing and[...]

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Physical Web and Nearby Notifications

Beaconinside supports Physical Web beacons

We are excited to announce the full support for Physical Web beacons. This means, you can now easily manage large fleets of Eddystone-URLs beacons in one central system, including insightful and actionable analytics.

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Beaconinside MANAGE, simplified!

Manage your Proximity technologies via smartphone, tablet and desktop

Another important milestone to reach our goal to offer the best beacon management solution on the market. We completely redesigned our web portal to meet the needs of large-scale beacon networks. Easily manage iBeacon, Eddystone[...]

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Secure Beacon Networks with Eddystone-EID and Eddystone-eTLM

Update to the Eddystone standard focussing on security and flexibility

These days Google announced a major specification update to the open Eddystone beacon standard. The focus is on security, encypted telemetry data and more flexibility when it comes to the configuration of beacons. In this blog[...]

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We are first in Germany to support Eddystone™-EID

Eddystone™-EID for Secure Beacon Networks (PR)

  • Integration of Eddystone™-EID into product portfolio in collaboration with Google™
  • Parallel launch of Eddystone-eTLM to encrypt telemetry and sensor data
  • New frame to prevent beacon harvesting and spoofing
  • Beaconinside BEACON now supports Physical[...]
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Beacon Manager App 3.0 for Android

The Beacon Manager App supports iBeacon, Eddystone and Physical Web

A major milestone for vendor-independent beacon management on Android. Easily discover, manage and configure any iBeacon, Eddystone and Physical Web beacon. A Beaconinside account is optional to manage all your beacons on-the-go.

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The Physical Web by Google

How the Physical Web Works on Chrome for Android

The Internet of Things (IoT) presents a vision of billions of Internet connected devices from air quality sensors to everyday objects like household appliances or vending machines. But how do people interact with these devices in the future where[...]

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